Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

Ugly Idiot !

Have a nice day! it could be better when you are in a situation that you need to disapear from the man besides.No matter how it works,saying the "Have a nice day man" makes easy and no mans hurt. Its that simple and easy? no .. when the man knowing its you and you had problem with him. Don't run and face him is a good choice. It will remain him that your'e still good guy and good friends... even he was doing an ugly and Idiot things beside you!!.

You will remember those ugly things with him next time.and when you remember that time, you will thanks to god to create the "damn" best friend of you.Smile,laugh and so many tears will flows when you tell it to your son and your family that you have great friends and makes your day fun everytime.

see.... those two idiots guys explodes a sphere....

Just 4 Fun on Crazy Time at Office Backyard!

Foto From Googling
Hey Nash ..Where is Your Dad?

  Foto From Googling

OMG !!!  He's getting Hot ......

Foto From Googling

They Get Stuck!!! No Way Out....

 Foto From Googling

And Where is Tom The Driver?.....
Foto From Googling

Helloooou  Dear..... 

Just For Fun..,



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