Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Crash On PC

Sometimes when you had a crash on network or your PC wont load any instructions would you stay in trouble? usually windows programmers loved to find the critical error system in your PC so they can makes a patch or newest update programs to recover the systems and maintain the program stability usage. You can use different platform and checking manually to find critical error in root systems may had failure if you don’t have any skills that used to inform such as many programs extension that runs in your PC.

There so much software product using.ged file to find historical tree systems. That’s the way programmer makes software and recovery tools. They using .ged extension in to project file which contain all codes to healing your system,to make game runs on your PC, indexing data in your main database and storage system that cannot be imported by other regular software packages. You can Used your trusted tracking software program to maintain your systems stability from crash or unusual programs that runs failure in your system.

Crash on gaming module sometime happens when you run it form any untrusted source or that game had been cracked before with any programs that runs instability and ramming failure on system and network. Even you can track game models with any 3d software programs, there’s some file that use internally by the games to save various data and games information. That is .puz file extension that collect the games data and you can track back on it if you had failure gaming models or had crash on network gaming system. You need programmer and database skills to rearrange the game database,of course only an expert can do these things.

Mac OSX is the most favorite and famous operating systems.It has the fastest and good combination of durability and efficiently in systems.Is there any trouble found in Mac? or it has any viruses attacking Mac ? for the new operating system that frequently used and gain the network ,of course it has defect or problems found. For beginners that using Mac must known that Mac has different platform from windows. Users cannot installed any windows programs manually even used any virtual machine and friendly with it.

And for some common programs that doesn’t works perfectly in Mac as in windows, What is the problems?

Software or programs that used and work perfectly on windows might stopped and crashed if you run it on Mac, There is not same platform and same systems and how to release or uninstall these programs? You can uninstall it manually or using any third party programs.And if they not react and makes failure onto the systems you can tracking manually and find those crap things in your root folder system. As the structure database, usually .dmg file represent the contents of the storage ,and the .dmg files extension is a proprietary format that is used by Apple Mac OSX Operating System. Within this operating system using the dmg file behaves an actual physical drive.You can access and manage the dmg file format through "hdiutil" a utility that can be accessed via command line in Mac OSX.

Need a Pro to maintain your PC now? the answer is No, You can use third party software when you had crash on your PC. Remember only use a trusted third party software so you can sleep well tonight. Usually the trusted software has supporting programs to guarantee their user and member that using the software. Try this RegTask , CCleaner, or Tune Up Utility program to handle those things .

and crash? no problem...


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