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Tune Up 2011 Release!

Tune Up 2011,

World first Tune Up Program Deactivator
New Tuning Status
New Rating Funtion for programs
New Smooth Background
Faster Engine

With the fresh, new TuneUp Utilities™ Start Center, users can see right away if optimization processes are ready to go and if there are problems with the PC. The "Increase performance" and "Fix problems" modules show if there are any incorrect settings or if any "brakes" exist that slow down computer performance. The main attraction: One click brings you right to the solution!

On top of that, you can fire up Turbo Mode, now more powerful than ever, directly from the Start Center and always keep an eye on the current Tuning status.There’s also a special Gadget for Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 that shows you the state of your computer, right on your desktop.

Maintain System,
TuneUp Utilities™ 2011 maintenance functions fix problems in the registry, delete orphaned shortcuts, remove unnecessary files, and ensure a perfectly defragmented hard disk. At the same time, it optimizes computer system startup and shutdown.You have two options for doing this: manual 1-Click Maintenance or Automatic Maintenance. The latter runs regularly at a specified time, and only when you’re not actively working at your PC. And of course you can configure the settings for Automatic Maintenance and 1-Click Maintenance separately.

Increase Performance,
Take a look at the TuneUp Utilities™ Start Center to see if your computer’s performance is optimized to capacity. If not, a message will appear. Then a click of a mouse will get you to a window listing the tuning recommendations you can use to speed up system performance. These include unused programs, resource-intensive Windows® functions that load down your computer, and even incorrect settings that could lead to a slower Internet connection.

No two users are the same: That’s why a personal profile is created when the function is first run. A few specifics about how you use your PC and what kind of Internet connection you have will help TuneUp Utilities™ give you customized recommendations.

Fix Problems,
TuneUp Utilities™ shows you, right on the Start Center, whether problems or incorrect settings critical to security exist on your PC. A simple mouse click gets you to the "Fix problems" window and gives you the details you need to remedy the situation.Use it to find a step-by-step solution to any defects you’ve uncovered, for a system that’s secure and free of errors!

Configure Live Optimization,

Live Optimization automatically prevents background programs from reserving too much PC power for themselves. Active programs get the highest priority, whereas background programs are downgraded. This is done by cleverly prioritizing running programs:
If your PC is at full capacity when you start a program, it gets a higher priority right on the spot. And background programs that have unusually high power demands are prioritized lower. This makes for a visibly faster program start, higher speed and increased computer stability. Programs work faster and games run with more images per second.

Turbo Mode,
Turbo Mode, more powerful than ever, now turns off over 70 functions in Windows® 7, Windows® Vista, Windows® XP and third-party vendor programs that are not used regularly on a daily basis. These include background programs, services and scheduled maintenance operations. By pressing a button, you get more power when working at your PC, games that flow more smoothly and complete control over background activities that slow down your computer.

Tuning Status,
Tuning status shows at a glance how well the PC was already optimized with TuneUp Utilities™ and what potential still exists for tuning up programs and Windows®. At the same time you see how much power potential is currently being thrown away by your PC, like when unnecessary startup entries are tying down the computer. A tuning bar that is constantly visible displays optimization progress and fills up as you perform each optimization operation.

And of course you can even configure Turbo Mode according to your personal needs: A practical assistant helps you decide which functions should be turned off and which should be left on.Find out how it works now ,Download links below!

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  2. cari software yg bwt harddisk dong..kyk low format cari software yg kyk pnya'a symantec...dsitu ad fix problem os n ga?

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  4. There is Digeus I always use it when there are problems with windows. I also recommend to use Windsty Tune Up Suite. It optimizer system performance.


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