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Money From Blogging

Ok guys lets talk about money again,a few weeks ago i was found some programs on web.It was not different with Google Adsense, as you know that GA is the pioneer of marketing Ads.I was hoped that GA would accept my application to be one of their publisher in this country.But it wasn't easy.... they reject my application three times !! and now i should waiting for they E-Mail contact to verify my aplication again by the end of this weeks shggt.....

Some blogger friend toughts maybe GA not support in your origin language.Try English !! and now i'll training my self to make an English post article, so might someday GA would accept me to publishing they ads too, as you seen on another english Weblog...i hope so..

well its one of my wishlist now hahaha..... wish me luck my friends....


Talking about publishing ads, there are so much media was kindly to accept your application...i found some good interacting programs to maintain your ads as an advertiser or publisher in easy way .They not need english! as the main frame languages on your blogs... all they need is traffic on your blog.The more traffic ,more good...

Based on CTR or Click Trough Ratio bidvertiser maybe one of my sollution to viewing ads zone in my blog, and the good news using bidvertiser is the refferal programs. Your gonna love it, you may check this out on their main web.


You can click to enlarge da Picture..

Interesting guys?

come on join with my refferal,just click the banner below and fill you aplication,set at your own.. you wanna become an advertisers or publishers it just take 5 minute ,and you can start to make $$$ today with your own blog ,no English ... no problems with your own based language.Click the picture below to join

Promote burner,

This is another programs that you can displaying their ads in your web/blog as a publisher.They had the referal programs too. You'll get 5% of your refferal earnings and they will add into your own account. To signing as a publisher is the best way if you dont have a product or affiliates.its easy way to earn $$$ too using your own blog.But different programs has different ways to reach targeted marketplace.
In this case, you can use POP Under Ads with promoteburner..and you know this little tricks may raise your revenue up to 30% !!! than the usual ads zone displayed .... mmm it looks like, more money will come easily..

All you do is just sign up and click the banner below....fill the aplications as publisher ....get da code and paste it in your HTML blog areas .... it's done... dont forget to add pop under ads too. Click here to Join ....


readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Boring with any lazy day you got.... why not read and you'll get pay for it!! it easy to kill your unused time and turn it into good time! .Readbud, this programs is like PTC that usually give you $0,002 each time you run it in 30 second.


Click to enlarge da picture...

But wait! Readbud wasn't a PTC Programs! .. all you do is just relax and seat on your warmly and lovely sofa just read ...and give rate on it !! the best part is they pay you more than you do in PTC Programs.... let say if you got $0,02 on any PTC programs in one turn, you'll got $0,03 or $0,06 or over $0,10 here !!, each time you read!! you will get it...

I can have $1 in just minute!! collect your earn until $50 and redeem it via paypal it so easy.... you can refers to you friends too .. and you will get credits $5 per sign up...

well what took you so long guys.... burn your lazy time into $$$ time!!

Here's another ads Programs ,Clik the Link below.......

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  1. sebetulnya Banyak Yang Nyata Di Bisinis online, tapi bukan semata mata , membalikan telapak tangan , KUNCINYA FOKUS dan SABAR,

  2. hi it still workin or no...
    if still work ill try it ...
    good post!


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